About Us

Executive Chef David Fune

First off, I’m honored to cook again for a neighborhood that has had such a personal connection to my culinary path. In 2010-11, I journeyed with breweries in the area to embark on a young gastropub movement by bringing my LAGFT (Los Angeles based Gourmet Food Truck) project right here to Fullerton. Back then, we partnered-up with the local brew makers who had tasting rooms open and advertised menu pairing events blending our farmers market driven menus with their unique heady flavors. Complexity notes on food then were “dialed-up” to balance the wild styled IPA’s we were all so high on.

My focus on how I would like the food to be perceived NOW is- a rendering of flavors that tell stories of how brews & food have evolved. At the same time honoring the locally based crafters who’ve pioneered here and stretched the audiences palate over the years. Our engagement to the community as a business will be mirrored in Pickled Monk by, “engaging with our guests”. The level of cooking in the kitchen will simply be: honest, thoughtful and playful while achieving correct textures & flavor notes from childhood and/or a familiar past.


Writing this menu was a very personal process, combining several exciting concepts influencing our shareable crafted cuisine. It thrills me to think of guests coming to Pickled Monk to have that friendly neighborhood conversation: to learn, explore and maybe surprise yourself or your group of beer geeks in our self-serve tap room. Whatever fancies the guests’ epicurean cravings are, our menu will enable guests to personalize their own experience by combining savory small dishes with a range of principale plates to warm the soul.